How to Use E-checks

A lot of players often find they are uncomfortable with this payment technique. To avoid this, we can see how other methods have been increasingly used, and the most popular of them is E-checks in casinos. E-checks, as the name quite clearly suggests, stands for electronic checks which you can use to facilitate transfer of money via electronic methods. You can use e-checks to buy yourself chips, as the money will be transferred from your account into the account of the casino.

So what's the advantage?

Well, e-checks, as is the case with every technology that comes up, are most importantly instantaneous and totally devoid of any hassles. Without involving any amount of waiting time, these are easy and inexpensive.

The Best eCheck Casinos

We bring to our readers a superb compilation of the top casinos that offer e-checks.

  1. The Grand Hotel Casino

    A very acclaimed and reputed casino which constantly comes up with great welcome bonus offers throughout the year, majorly a 100 percent matchup welcome bonus up to $150. With features like accepting e-checks, you can really rely upon this casino for taking care of your transfers.

  2. The Colosseum Casino

    Another casino that offers 100 $ match worth $150, the Colosseum casino is one more truly fantastic and dazzling casino that is going to stun you, with its Microgaming powered features and systems. You can go for the bonus or either choose the free hour, where you get to play for free.

  3. Bet365 Casino - Up to $200 in Bonuses With 100% Match

    Bet365 Casino is a casino that will always leave you with more than your expectations fulfilled. Offering a scheme of $200 match up 100 percent bonus which you simply can't resist, you can use the e-checks to receive this money and make deposits with utter ease!

How to use?

We give you some points to guide you in using the e-checks, which is an extremely easy process.

  • You must have a checking account, and you can open one if you don't have it in a local bank. For this you'll need to fulfill some formalities like submit some identification documents.
  • Once you have a checking account, the work is almost done. You need to feed in the routing number which is of nine digits, and the account number. The routing number is important for the identity of the bank, and is typically on left side down on the check. The account number denotes the account from which money is to be drawn, or deposited into.

You have to have a sufficient account balance to use the e-checks for funding and also withdrawing the money that you have won through e-checks.

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