Casino Payment Methods

During the initial stage when online gambling had just kicked off, you had only a few options to choose from if you had make payments through the Internet. The most primary of these were the conventional credit cards which people used so as to withdraw money and fund. Transactions were often subject to a great variety of charges, and commissions that payment merchants used to deducted for proving the service of facilitating the money transfers.

From money orders for which you would have totally rely upon the postal services to transfer your bank drafts, to the left out option of direct bank transactions, people were not very happy with the reliability and the risk that they had to take.

"E-cash" arrives on the scene

'E-cash' was the term that became the buzzword in the year 1996, thanks to two mean named Andrew and Rivkin, who came up with idea of providing secure online money transfers. The company Cryptologic rose to sudden fame for this, only however, to meet with the unfortunate act of the US government that banned the financial institutions from USA to transact money with online gambling operators.

Top payment methods

However, since then, there have been a multitude of payment merchants, and here the top ones:

  • MasterCard/Visa - Even though called 'conventional', the Master Card still remains very widely used!! The biggest reason is its universality, and nothing needs to be said more. The transactions are immediate here, and there many programs for loyalties, although you have to pay some interest rate.
  • eWallet Xpress - After you have registered for an account here, you can fund it via money orders, or online bills and checks. Subsequent to this, your transactions for your requirements in the casino are quick and immediate. The limit to the maximum amount you can transfer is pretty good here, up to $5000, and there is no fuss about revealing your credit card details here.
  • Click2Pay - New but gaining acceptance and reputation rather fast, Click2Pay is special because it has so many refreshing things to offer to its customers. It has become hugely popular for its instant funding feature, and the transactions, with the help of protected passwords, encryption of details, are absolutely secured. You can withdraw money via cheques and these are completed within a maximum span of 5 days.
  • NETeller - Working since 1999 with, NETeller is e-wallet trusted and used by huge number of people to carry out their money transfers, from withdrawing to depositing their money. The features that allow customers to transfer money in more than one currency is what sets NETeller apart, and what else-it has also its own ATM services to offer.
  • MoneyBookers - All you need is an email-address and some basic details, and you are ready to send and receive money transfers. With a minimal one percent charge that MoneyBookers charges on sending money, receiving money has no related charges at all.

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