The reasons being quite obvious, that it is completely free of any hurdles whatsoever, and also easy, simple and quick! We give you an overview and the basic information about the e-check casinos and how to use the e-checks.

e-Checks are also called Instant checks, and the USA players have embraced this method, with more and more players adopting the e-check system day by day, and using it to make deposits and for withdrawals. There are basically two reasons for this.

  • The only charge that you will have to pay for using the e-checks is the charge that your bank may impose for the transactions, and this is going to be very minimal.
  • The transfer is immediate, which is a good think because you face no delays absolutely at all.

Commonly Asked Questions

  1. What do I need to use the instant checks and facilitate my deposits?

    E-checks have become quite famous and widely accepted method of making deposits across the globe, owing to the utter convenience that they offer the user. Not only the simplicity and ease, this method is also highly secure and you don't have to worry about security issues at all. With so many advantages, quite obviously a lot of banks and payment merchants have taken a liking to this new technique and now offer many facilities related to e-checks. This is why they are now so globally and happily accepted and regarded as one of the 'modern' and 'safe' methods, and payment through is e-checks is accepted by a majority of banks.

  2. How my identity is verified when I use the e-Checks? Do I need to do something?

    Your ID with some documents that have you photographs, and sometimes your address proofs are needed, whereas sometimes you won't even be asked for all this, and only your very basic details would do the work. The requirements although vary and depend on the system. However, to give you a basic idea, think of it as the same process that you go through when you make a bank account on your behalf. The essentials remain pretty much the same.

  3. What's the process of funding my account?

    Every usual method of funding is available and you can choose from these-since the basic funding technique is same. Be sure of reading the policies but. Most companies and banks have support for e-Checks now-and you are very unlikely to face any sort of trouble.

  4. What about the limits on the use of e-Checks?

    Usually, there are no limits on the bank balances and the money in your account as such. However, sometimes there's an upper limit on the amount of money you can transfer or withdraw at one time. Once again, there's a great deal of similarity with the way banks work!

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